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Life With Bobux

International Women's Day



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International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day, and today we wanted to celebrate some of the leading women who help make Bobux great. From the women who design our shoes to the women keeping our company running day to day, intelligent, creative women who help make the world’s best shoes for children’s feet. (But don’t worry there’s lots of men here too - but that’s another post)


Amy McCondach:

Amy is our fierce Head of Marketing and Brand. She studied at Victoria University, gaining a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Art History with honours. Over the years she’s helped run galleries, worked for the Wellington City Council and been the Marketing Manager for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise before joining us here at Bobux. Amy splits her time between Auckland and Tauranga, commuting each week to spend time with her husband whilst also managing to oversee our marketing, brand management and e-commerce at Bobux. She’s also a rockstar aunt to ten nieces and nephews around the world.


Amy McCondach


Nicola Williamson:

One of the earliest employees at Bobux, Nicola has been with us since the beginning. Not only does she create the designs and shapes that make Bobux shoes the world’s best, she’s a passionate expert in materials who works closely with the tanneries and suppliers we use around the world, often visiting them on site to select the finest materials with which to craft our shoes. Somehow, she still finds time to be a mum to two beautiful children, who’ve both grown up in Bobux shoes.



Anne O’Donnell:

Our calm and collected Head of Operations, Anne is a mum of two amazing children. She studied a Conjoint Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of Science majoring in Operations Management and Operations Research and has spent a big part of her career with Australia's largest workwear provider. Anne is constantly inspiring us with her ever present, infectious passion for continuous improvement #kaizen and #leanthinking.


Anne O'Donnell


Isabella Scott:

One of our youngest and creative employees is Bella Scott. Bella joined us as a freelance designer but we loved her so much we had to keep her. Bella is one of our graphic designers, helping to create all of our marketing communications, website, catalogues and point- of-sale. In fact, she probably designed the last email we sent you and she helped to design the very page you’re looking at right now. 


Bella Scott


But it’s not just the women (and men!) here in our office that makes Bobux great - it's actually all about you!  The mothers, grandmothers, sisters and BFFs doing everything you can to give your kids the best start in life and getting Bobux on the feet of your little ones. From splashing in puddles to running through the grass, those who play in our shoes, learn in our shoes and grow in our shoes will become the next generation of humans to do incredible things in this world. So today we’re praising every one of you - and we know there’s plenty of amazing men too- but we hope you’ll join us by taking some extra time today to celebrate the women who’ve made our lives so rich and special.